• 8,280+ SOUND EFFECTS

  • 7.1 GB

  • 24 bit / 96 kHz


    • 8,280+ sound effects
    • 7.11 GB
    • 24 bit / 48-96 kHz
    • embedded meta-data 
    • mono audio files


      The Percussion Bundle includes all four sound effect libraries in the Percussion Collection: Cymbals & Gongs, Magic Chimes, Hand Drums, and Auxiliary Percussion. All libraries contain high-quality recordings of professionally played percussion instruments. Various sticks and mallets were employed at numerous tempos and volumes. 

      The Magic Chimes SFX Library contains a wide variety of mark tree (wind chime) and bell tree sound effect recordings. These include glissandos, scales, single notes, steadies, shaking, and more.

      The Cymbals & Gongs SFX Library contains recordings of China, crash, ride, splash, and toy cymbals and large and small gongs.

            The Hand Drums SFX Library contains recordings of the den den, djembe, doumbek, frame drum, and udu drum.

            The Auxiliary Percussion SFX Library contains recordings of a bamboo horn, various tambourines, cabasa, castanets, claves, cowbell, various maracas and shakers, flexatone, toy glockenspiel, guiro, harmonica, kalimba, triangle, rainstick, sleigh bells, spoons, train whistle, and wood blocks. 

                SOUND FILE LIST

                Click here for the full Magic Chimes file list.

                Click here for the full Cymbals & Gongs file list.

                Click here for the full Hand Drums file list.

                Click here for the full Auxiliary Percussion file list.

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                All libraries in the Percussion Collection include:

                • short and simple file names
                • easy-to-use metadata
                • libraries organized by instrument type
                • high-quality professional performances

                For this collection, we recorded a variety of professional, amateur, and toy percussion instruments all played by a classically trained percussionist to achieve an incredibly high standard of quality. 

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              We have a modern aesthetic that will seamlessly align with your sound design needs for television, film, games, or digital content.

              custom created

              All of our libraries are custom-designed by the award-winning editors of Boom Box Post. We work every day in the industry and are committed to designing libraries we are proud to use.

              High Quality

              Our sound effect libraries are created with the professional sound designer in mind. All files are at least 96kHz/24bit and embedded with cutting-edge metadata.