International award-winning Boom Box Post now brings you Boom Box Library, a sound effects library company devoted to creating high-quality professional sound effect libraries.

Sound Professional

Boom Box Library's award-winning sound designers work every day in the post-production sound industry. So, we know exactly what working professionals expect in a sound effects library. We hold ourselves to the highest creative quality standards, and only release sounds that we would be proud to play for our own clients. We are creating libraries that we ourselves want to use. 

Each of Boom Box Library's sound effect files meet these high-quality technical specifications:

    • 96 kHz
    • 24 bit
    • .wav


Work Faster

At Boom Box Library, we know what it's like to not only need to present the highest quality of work, but also meet tight deadlines.  We have designed all of our libraries with unmatched functionality to help you do just that.  

All Boom Box Library sound effect libraries include the following: 

    • Sound effect files are embedded with industry-leading metadata to make searching in your favorite asset management system a breeze. 
    • All shorter sound effect files include multiple iterations, providing you with plenty of options all within the same sonic family.  No more searching for a whole new file or manipulating that one great sound when you need to introduce subtle variations. 
    • All longer sound effects loop seamlessly.  No need to spend precious time finding the exact right place to create a loop.