• 2,240+ sound effects
  • 1 GB
  • 24 bit / 48-96 kHz
  • embedded meta-data 
  • mono audio files


    The Human Vocalizations Bundle includes the Women & Men and Babies & Kids SFX libraries. 

    The Women & Men SFX Library contains a variety of recorded adult female and male vocalizations.

    The recordings in this library include breathing, cheering, coughing, crying, efforts, gasping, growling, gulping, humming, grunting, moaning, screaming, singing, sneezing, spitting, gagging, non-English walla, whistling, angry yelling, and more. 

    The Babies & Kids SFX Library contains a variety of recorded baby and kid vocalizations from children ages six months, three years, and five years old.

    The recordings in this library include breathing, cooing, coughing, fussing, grunting, squealing, laughing, sneezing, animal impressions, babbling, growling, pouting, screaming, singing, spitting, whimpering, whining, yelling, and more. 

    In addition to a wide range of vocalizations appropriate to their ages, the older kids were asked to also perform like younger babies--giving you the superior performance of an older child but the feel of a baby. All sounds easily pitch up or down to be useful for a wider range of ages. 

    All performances are non-English. Talking, singing, babbling, etc. were performed with nonsense words so the files may be used for post-production without the need to replace in an M&E. 


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