The Editor Toolbox Collection is geared toward professional picture editors or sound effects editors who wish to bolster their sound effects libraries with a streamlined collection of common live action sound effects. 

All libraries in the Editor Toolbox Collection include:

  • short and simple file names
  • easy-to-use metadata
  • libraries organized by content genre or location
  • high-quality essential sound effects for each genre or location
  • expanded libraries feature additional high-quality recordings for added variety

Sometimes a multitude of options is great. Other times, all you want is an arsenal of go-to sound effects that just work. For this collection, we recorded hours of material and then meticulously culled through them to find the most essential versions of each sound. Need more variety? Choose the expanded edition and you will receive the same essential sounds plus additional high-quality takes. 

The Editor Toolbox Collection is organized into libraries by content genre or location, making it easy to purchase exactly what you need at the beginning of any new project.